Formed in 1971, Burris Optics has always been an innovative leader in the rifle scope market. This passion for cutting edge technology, combined with a dedication to quality and a “no questions asked” Forever Warranty all at an affordable price makes Burris an incredible value and has solidified Burris as an excellent riflescope choice for hunting, tactical, and competition shooting.

Burris Eliminator LaserScope – Burris optics managed to put themselves on the map with their Eliminator LaserScope. Over time they have modified their original design and offer more options for an even more deadly accurate combination. The Eliminator, Eliminator II, and Eliminator III are available with the Elminator 38 Dot Reticle, X38 Eliminator Reticle, and the X96 Eliminator Reticle respectively. The outsanding ballistic compensation that Burris created in these scopes creates the ability to be accurate in the most difficulat of terrains. You’ll be sure to get that shot you’ve dreamed of while putting this unique tool to use.

Burris XTR II Xtreme Tactical Rifle Scopes – These ultra rugged 30mm scopes were not only designed to hold up to military and law enforcement abuse, but were created with extreme care to offer the highest quality glass with extra large, ultra premium lenses. This optimum glass creates top of the line clarity, resolution, and brightness for a clean, crisp image every time. Combine that with the index-matched HiLume Multicoating to enhance clarity and StormCoat™ for ultimate performance any time moisture is present in the surrounding conditions, and you will never be disappointed by the image quality. All Burris XTR scopes are waterproof, fogproof, and offer a lifetime warranty, for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Burris MTAC Rifle Scopes – This versatile line of tactical rifle scopes covers the needs of anyone wanting to compete, tactical shoot, or even hunt big game. All of the quality components that Burris has become known for are packed into this sturdy, premium line of MTAC scopes. The line offers illuminated reticles, adjustable parallaxes, and multiple reticle options to cover almost any situation imaginable during your shooting or hunting pastime.

Burris Fullfield TAC30 Tactical Rifle Scopes – A perfect combination of ruggedness, high quality glass, and affordability. Burris hit the mark with this impeccable line of tactical riflescopes. Features like HiLume™ multicoating for crisp, clear pictures; aircraft-grade 6061T6 aluminum tubes; nitrogen filled tubes for zero-moisture; and low profile TAC-2 knobs bring together one outstanding and deadly piece of equipment. As always Burris promises their Forever Warranty so you know that they are positive this product will stand the test in any conditions you can imagine.

Burris Fullfield E1 Rifle Scopes – This recently updated line of Burris rifle scopes means to impress with its new low profile design, improved elevation and windage knobs, and separated eyepiece and power ring that now will take flip up lens covers. The impeccable design of the sleek Ballistic Plex E1 reticle is also now available in the Ballistic E1 MV which is calibrated to the 22.250 cartridge and designed specifically for use in varmint hunting. Burris also added two 30mm options, and an illuminated reticle for even greater images in those prime low light hunting conditions. The HiLume® multi-coatings and double internal springs create a sturdy, outstanding piece of equipment that you are sure to be impressed with.

Burris Fullfield II 1” Rifle Scopes – Burris has always offered amazing optical quality, with a tough outer and inner scope body to create great products. There is no exception to this rule with the Fullfield II line of rifle scopes. This is such a great bang for your buck in this level of scope quality, that you won’t be able to find anything else remotely as well designed in the competitor’s lines of scopes. There are over two dozen models, finishes, and reticles to choose from to ensure that you get just what you need for your unique hunting style and situation. Burris ensured you’d come back for another with their signature no-slip grips on the eyepiece and focus, impeccable glass, and positive steel on steel adjustments with durable outer tubes. Oh, let’s not forget their Forever Warranty™ which proves that they are confident in the quality of their products!

Burris Timberline Rifle Scopes – Burris has managed to take their premium quality lenses with HiLume multi-coatings, notable Forever Warranty, and rugged body to design their most afford able scope yet. These bad boys are meant for short, heavy magnum guns. They boast a sleek compact body that mounts low, and copious eye relief to protect you from recoil while using those heavy magnums. When you need reliability with your short action rifles, but space is precious and you have little of it, these scopes are a perfect fit in any condition.

Burris Scout Rifle Scope – Scout scopes were pioneered by Burris, so when looking for a rifle scope with outstanding optic capabilities, durability, and low mounting, it’s no surprise to find that their Scout Scope is the best offered on the market.

Burris Handgun Scopes – A line of handgun scopes that gives options to help accuracy in a complex sport. Burris offers their posi-lock design to secure a point of impact despite harsh recoils found in handguns. They also offer this rifle scope line with the Ballistic Plex reticle to help the long range handgun shooter decipher those complex trajectories. As always, you can expect a Burris Forever Warranty, multi-coated lenses, and premium quality components in these scopes.

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